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2014 - Vol. 6

Vol 6. No. 1

2013 - Vol. 5

Vol 5. No. 1

2012 - Vol. 4

Vol 4. No. 1

2011 - Vol. 3

Vol 3. No. 1
Vol 3. No. 2

2010 - Vol. 2

Vol 2. No. 1
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2008/2009 - Vol. 1

Vol 1. No. 1 (Download PDF)
Vol 1. No. 2
Vol 1. No. 3

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Volume 1, Issue 02

Editor's Note

  Letter from the Editor
Richard Barnett


1 First Flight
Jeff Trippe
2 Chocky's Debut
Bill Miles


3 Deep Field
William Mickelberry
4 Grand Tour
William Mickelberry
5 Peppers
Anthony Esolen
6 Te Saluto Pater
Darius Lecesne
7 For My Students on the Eve of Earth Day
Darius Lecesne

The Modern Error (Essays)

8 The Illegal Death of Terri Schiavo
Lydia McGrew
9 The Secret Life of Terri Schiavo
William Luse

Special Features

The Legacy of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
10 Seeking Truth: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese’s Intellectual Pilgrimage
Douglas Ambrose
11 Hugh Blair, Betsey Fox-Genovese, and the Death of the Liberal Arts
Deborah A. Symonds
12 Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and the Claims of a Canon
Kathleen Kelly Marks
13 “The Promise of an Enduring and Engulfing Bond”: Personal Reflections on Elizabeth Fox-Genovese’s Marriage: The Dream that Refuses to Die
Sheila O’Connor-Ambrose
14 A Lady of Grace and Faith
Lorraine V. Murray
15 An Unexpected Reward
Amy Estes
16 Funeral Sermon for my dear friend, Dr. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Msgr. Richard Lopez

Visual Arts

17 Bleu Cheese and Beer
Timothy Jones
18 Buffalo Lifting Fog
Timothy Jones
19 Persimmons and China Vase
Timothy Jones
20 Immaculate Heart
Timothy Jones
21 Pommegranates and China Dish
Timothy Jones
22 Sisters
Timothy Jones
23 Water Lilies/Moonrise
Timothy Jones

Better Read than Dead

24 Great Books and Undergraduate Education
Michael M. Jordan

Signs of Grace

25 Doing a Lot with a Little
Terry Weaver