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2014 - Vol. 6

Vol 6. No. 1

2013 - Vol. 5

Vol 5. No. 1

2012 - Vol. 4

Vol 4. No. 1
Vol 4. No. 2

2011 - Vol. 3

Vol 3. No. 1
Vol 3. No. 2

2010 - Vol. 2

Vol 2. No. 1
Vol 2. No. 2

2008/2009 - Vol. 1

Vol 1. No. 1 (Download PDF)
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Vol 1. No. 3

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Volume 1, Issue 01

Editor's Note

 Introducing The Christendom Review (www.christendomreview.com)
Richard Barnett


Smith Kirkpatrick
2This is a Voice from Your Past
Merrill Joan Gerber


3Pavane for a Dead Princess
Darius Lecesne
4The Boy Agee at St. Andrews
Darius Lecesne
5The Gnostic Seminar
Darius Lecesne
6The Watergun and the Butterfly
Olivia Bustion
William Luse
8Emily Dickinson
Thomas DeFreitas
9Steady as He Goes
Rick Barnett

The Modern Error (Essays)

10 The Crisis of Anomie
Paul Cella
11 The Irrational Faith of the Naked Public Square
Lydia McGrew
12 An excerpt from Reflections and Meditations on the Truth of Things
Marion Montgomery

Special Features

Memories of Smith Kirkpatrick
13 Working with Kirk, 1961
Lawrence Hetrick
14 Building D: Remembering Thursday Nights with Smith
Marie Speed
15 Things that Count
William Luse
16 Thursday Night, Building D
William Mickelberry
17 A Stream of Memory
Sterling Watson
18 Caesar’s Irregulars
John Morefield
19 Center Post: A Tribute to Smith Kirkpatrick
Ashley Mace Havird
20 A Teacher in the Classical Sense
Jeff Trippe
21 A Recollection of Smith Kirkpatrick
Rick Barnett

Visual Arts

22 The Jetty
William Mickelberry
23 Todd's Kitchen
William Mickelberry

Signs of Grace

24 Letter To My Friends
Arthur Dasher