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The Liturgy

Thomas DeFreitas

I rode the Arlington Heights bus
To Cambridge yesterday for 12:10 Mass;
With all my stuff I made a fuss,
As the speed-crazed driver stepped on the gas.
We soon were there
In Harvard Square:
Where even the down-and-out have class.

Briefly I stopped inside the Coop
And looked for brand-new books of poetry;
The wide choice threw me for a loop—
So many titles clamoring to me!
But modern lit
Costs quite a bit:
Life’s best things rarely come for free.

I had to dash to old St Paul’s—
I heard the angelus bells announcing noon.
When the holy liturgy calls,
I don’t delay: I get there swift and soon!
When Fr Jim
Intones a hymn,
He always sings in perfect tune.

The Mass began three minutes late,
But priests are pardoned for their tardiness.
Alas, I wasn’t in a state
Of grace: I really needed to confess.
My soul grew calm;
I said a psalm.
Without the Church, I’d be a mess.

To God I give all gratitude
That he accepts my feeble-hearted prayers;
May he forgive my attitude
Of one who stumbles drunk upon the stairs!
For Christ the King
I’ve made this thing,
Who helps me lift my woes and cares.