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Rick Barnett is from Thomasville, Georgia. A graduate of The Florida Writing Program, he lives, writes, and teaches in Atlanta. His fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in The Chattahoochee Review, Touchstone, Notre Dame Magazine, and elsewhere. He is the editor of The Christendom Review.

Thomas DeFreitas was born in 1969 in Boston.  He was educated at the Boston Latin School and at the University of Massachusetts.  He now lives in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

John Farrell, an occasional contributor to First Things, as well as magazines such as Cosmos, Faith, and Catholic World Report, is the author of The Day Without Yesterday: Lemaître, Einstein and the Birth of Modern Cosmology (Basic Books 2006). His short stories have appeared in DoubleThink, Ink Pot and Dappled Things. He lives with his wife and two children in Newton, MA.

Kateri Howard served as Campaign Director for the Buford/Greater Atlanta 40 Days for Life campaign in the fall of 2009. She is a graduate of Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. When she is not at work, she dedicates most of her free time to pro-life efforts. She also enjoys drawing and painting, spending time in the great outdoors with her family, and teaching Sunday school at her church. A native Georgian, she resides in Buford.

William Luse is the associate editor of The Christendom Review. He has published articles in Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, poetry in The New Oxford Review, and other articles at websites like The New Pantagruel and Orson Scott Card’s Ornery.org. He has written one novel which remains unpublished. He was once a good golfer (even financing, back in the 90’s, the down payment on his wife’s new car through skin game profits), but can still drink European lager to admirable excess. He studied the craft of fiction under Smith Kirkpatrick beginning in 1968, and knows that the day will never come when he does not consider himself that man’s student. He is currently an adjunct professor of English at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. But more importantly he’s been married to the same woman for over 30 years, which union has issued in two daughters, now in their twenties, who still like him.

Lydia McGrew is a housewife and home schooling mother living in Michigan. She took a PhD in English from Vanderbilt University (1995) and has published a number of works in philosophy. She is the co-author (with Timothy McGrew) of Internalism and Epistemology: The Architecture of Reason (Routledge, 2007), and her articles have appeared in journals such as Erkenntnis, Journal of Philosophical Research, and Philosophia Christi. She is a contributor to the group weblog What’s Wrong with the World .

Todd McKimmey is a Cedar Park, Texas-based fine art, portrait and product photographer and owner of Todd McKimmey Studios. To support his photography habit and provide for his family, he works as a software engineer at a company which specializes in geolocational systems while moonlighting as a web-master for both The Christendom Review and What’s Wrong with the World. He blogs nightly about his daughter at his personal website, www.toddmckimmey.com, and many of his works are for sale at his Zenfolio page.

Patricia Mickelberry is a freelance copyeditor for Duke University Press. She resides with her excellent husband in North Carolina, with a deep view of the woods and what lives there. But always in her mind is Paynes Prairie in Florida, where something is certain to happen.